Resources for In Home Care Seekers

  • We encourage you to fill out your profile and Job Post with as much information as you feel comfortable sharing publicly. The idea is to get the best match for you, before a physical interview.

  • Use the 'in person' interview process mainly to see if your chosen applicant is a good personality match and you are both happy with the details of the arrangement. You may find these Government links helpful regarding employment. LINK 1 and LINK 2  

  • Keep in mind that a lot of people may not interview well but are wonderful at their job.

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Caregiver, Home Nurse, Nanny, Babysitter or Cleaner
  • In home Care Servces Direct has taken the worry out of interviewing. We have designed our Job Seekers profile to give you the type of information you would need to ask in an interview.

    Of course you may have a few other questions of your own. We suggest you write them down to be ready to ask when you have shortlisted some Caregivers for the role.

  • Our secure messaging system is designed to protect your privacy at all times but particularly during the initial phase of online interviewing.

    There is no need to share emails or phone numbers as all your communication should be done via the platform, thus protecting the privacy of both parties.

When deciding what to pay someone, this 2018 - 2019 minimum wage rate chart can be a good start.


2018 - 2019 Minimum Award Wage

2018 - 2019 Minimum Award Wage

Employees working as Nannies and Au Pairs aren’t covered by an award. They’re entitled to the National minimum wage and the National Employment Standards. Aged Care workers do have an award and this is the link to find detail of their ward payments. This is where you will find the Nurses Award. Consider the qualifications and expereince of each individual applying for the role, when deciding on an hourly fee.

Remember also, that some people don't interview well but are great at their jobs. It's a good idea to have the person meet who they will be caring for to ensure a good match. To make the process less tense, why not invite them to afternoon tea and show them around the house. This is often a great way to relax the applicant and get a good gauage as to their suitablity.

This link will show you more on how you can save on Care costs and what you can expect to pay.


Even though you are not a registered Service Provider can I still use my CDC Package to buy services from people registered on this site?

"From 27 February 2017 all Home Care Packages have been provided to individual consumers rather than awarded to approved providers to allocate. This means that consumers can change their provider if they wish, including if they move to another area to live. Government Source

Consumers now have the right to self-manage their funds. This results in great savings, as some Package Providers charge up to 45%of your entire funding to manage your CDC Package.

Why use In Home Care Serices Direct?

  • You deal directly with the support worker.  You choose who and when to employ them.
  • As registered support workers set their own rates (30%-70% lower than Care Agencies) you will be able to afford more hours of Care.
  • Memberships start from as little as $3 per week and we charge no other fees.

Where to find information about obtaining Government Home Care Packages

The following links will help you get started in obtaining Government funding to help pay for your Care.
Register to be assessed for a CDC Package
How it works
Find a Package Provider (choose Self-Managed option if you wish)

When searching for a Package Provider make sure you click on the MORE SEARCH OPTIONS to find the info below. This will help find a business that is able to more fully support your needs.

self managed CDC funding option

Using Caregivers and Nurses from In Home Care Services Direct, can save you 50% on the cost of Care, compared to purchasing Care from other Providers.

Many of our Caregivers only charge $27 per hour while other providers charge $58 or more per hour.

NDIS logo

Even though you are not a registered Service Provider can I still use my NDIS Package to buy services from people registered on this site?

Most certainly. "Self-managing gives you the opportunity to purchase supports from suppliers that have not registered with the NDIA. This can include any type of support provided if these supports have been incorporated in your NDIS Plan. Self-managed participants can also choose to pay a service provider up front and claim the expense back through the scheme." Government source

Pay your services with your NDIS funding via In Home Care Services Diect

Why use In Home Care Services Direct?

  • You can have the person of your choice supply the Care and deal directly with them
  • You will be able to afford more hours of Care because we do not charge placement or administration fees
  • Your privacy is assured by using our messaging system
  • Members can post unlimited job posts


Discover how using the NDIS self-managed option works.

how does NDIS Self Managed funding work

What is a National Crime Check?

It’s a summary of any person’s police history information in Australia. Checks can be conducted on Australian citizens or anyone residing in Australia. It is a government service provided to either an individual or organisation for employment, voluntary work and occupation-related licensing or registration purposes.

Why do employers require them?

Many employers would find a police check beneficial to reduce the risk of theft, fraud or other criminal activity performed by a potential new employee. However, in industries where employees are working with children, the elderly or other vulnerable communities, police checks are vital for an organisation to rule out employing people who are past offenders.

How to get a National Crime Check online
How to verify a National Police Check

Contact the National Crime Check if you have any questions

Why do I want a Working With Children Check?

"A Working With Children Check is a requirement for people who work or volunteer in child-related work. It involves a national criminal history check and a review of findings of workplace misconduct.

The Working With Children Check is fully portable so it can be used for any paid or unpaid child-related work in NSW for as long as the worker remains cleared." SOURCE

There is no National Working with Children check the way there is with the National Crime Check. Each State and Territory has it's own check system. Take a look at the one in your State to see what it covers. 

Working With Children Check - Victoria
Queensland Blue Card System
Working With Children Check - Western Australia
Working With Children Check - Northern Territory
Working With Vulnerable People Check - ACT
Due to Government regulations we cannot offer any child care services in Tasmania or South Australia

How to get a Working With Children Certificate
Here's where to verify a working with children certificate.
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