What is Respite Care?

The definition of Respite Care is, "temporary Care for an elder or someone with special needs. It's designed to give the primary Carer, relief from the full-time Care they have been providing for a loved one."

What are the benefits of Respite Care?

Being the full-time primary Carer of a loved one can be very rewarding but also extremely demanding. It's vital that the wellbeing of the Carer is maintained for their own sake but of course for the sake of the person who needs Care. No matter how much you love someone and want the best for them, if you don't get enough rest and down time of your own, your physical and mental health will suffer. Respite Care is designed to help ward off the burnout that can leave Carers depressed, stressed out and exhausted.

There are two ways to provide Respite Care. Either arrange for a Caregiver to come to the home or have the person needing Care taken to a Care facility.

In Home Respite Care

Using In Home Services Direct you can choose the Caregiver you feel would be the best person to Care for your loved one while you go and have a break. It can be just for a few hours or longer the choice is yours. In Home Resite Care is the best way to prevent your loved one from becoming agitated and stressed with the change of circumstances.

It's often the fastest way to arrange Care. Looking for a facility that has room to take your loved one can be difficult and can take time.

What services can a Caregiver provide during respite care?

Respite Care may take the form of ...

  • cooking meals,
  • providing companionship,
  • help with showering,
  • dressing or toileting
  • transport to appointments for social activities
  • shopping
  • in fact all the services listed on the Pay-by-the Hour services page
Respite Care gives Carers time to re-charge their beatteries. Caregivers also need a break

How long does Respite Care last?

The length of time Respite Care lasts is entirely up to you. You can leave for a few hours, a weekend away or even a vacation.

Just make sure you're taking some time off to refresh yourself. In addition, regular Respite Care will help your loved one get used to having someone else Care for them. If you're ever unexpectedly unable to provide Care, the fact that your loved one has had others provide their Care will be essential to a smooth transition when you are not available.

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