Feel the absolute freedom when you use our domestic cleaning services

Enjoy the absolute freedom a good domestic cleaning service can bring. Not only does a domestic cleaner clean your house, they give you back your freedom. Whether you’re looking for cleaning services in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane or the rest of Australia, there are domestic cleaners registered here, waiting to free you from housework forever.

Just imagine it. If you have a cleaner come 2 hours a week, that’s 8 hours per month. Now when you add that up over a year it comes to 96 hours which you can call your own.  That’s 4 full days! What would you do with 96 extra hours a year of free time? Let alone the time and energy an end of lease cleaning service will save you when moving house.

Would you enjoy a massage and a facial, lunch with friends, walk on the beach or take up a new hobby? There are endless exciting possibilities. Imagine doing something you haven’t done in years and coming home to a sparkling clean home. No guilt you were out while the bathroom needed cleaning. No worrying about how you were going to find the time to clean up before dinner guests arrived. Just time to yourself to do whatever takes your fancy.

It seems almost a bonus that you can enjoy a beautifully clean home in addition to having more free time. 

So what exactly can a cleaner help you with?

• Kitchens
• Pantry tidying
• Ovens
• Fridge
• Bathrooms
• Dusting
• Vacuuming
• Mopping
• Bed making
• Linen changing
• Washing
• Ironing
• Tidying
• Windows
• Moving house cleaning
• End of lease cleaning
• Garage cleaning
• Spring Cleaning

Great benefits to having a regular cleaning service includes…
• Having the home regularly cleaned help reduce germ and aids in good health

• Your health is improved when you don’t have to exhaust yourself trying to do everything. Giving yourself time to re-charge is a great health boost. A regular massage for instance will boost your immune system and help to improve sleep.

• It gives you peace of mind. There’s no more worrying that you you’ve had a hugely busy week and don’t have the time or energy to do all the cleaning. You can set and forget so to speak.

• If you’re like me, you can go overboard and when you’re done you don’t want to tackle the task for a long time. Putting in too much effort actually drains your limited willpower reserves and will leave you stressed and tired for the next thing you have to do, or the next time you need to do some cleaning. Better to do less more regularly to keep on top of things.

• Most people will offer a discount if they know they are going to get regular work. Setting up a regular cleaning booking will save you money.

• If you have pets, it takes longer to clean (as I’m sure you know) so it’s best not to leave it too long between cleans. 

So let’s look at cost of a domestic cleaner
Independent vs. Corporate Domestic Cleaners.
On average, large service companies charge over 50% more per hour than local, independent house cleaners. You can see the rates of the domestic cleaners regstered here, in their full profiles.

Cleaners generally charge $15-$60/hour. High costs can be for specialist cleaning such as ovens and deep cleaning. I know you might think I an exagerating but I have seen larger companies charge $60 per hour. Location, pets, lifestyle and extra services can significantly raise your rate, so ask for a detailed estimate!

Keep in mind, it’s probably not going to cost you as much as you think for regular house cleaning when you use one of the cleaners registered here. Do a FIND A CARER search and see who is best to give you back the time you deserve.



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