Reduce Child Care costs to $0 with Child Care rebates

Child Care rebates can help reduce child care costs to $0. Plus, you don't have to find Child Care because you can have In Home Child Care. Thanks to the Government child care benefit you don’t have to send your child to family day care to receive the rebate. You can find a Nanny, set up In-Home Care for your child and claim the rebate to reduce your costs.

NOTE: There has been an update to Child Care rebates from July 2018 since I wrote this article.

Let’s look at the conditions you need to meet to receive this benefit.

1. You need to be receiving registered child care
“Registered Child care is child care provided by grandparents or other relatives, friends or nannies who are registered with the Department of Human Services as registered care providers.” source 

2. The other requirements you’ll need to meet to be eligible for the rebate are…

Responsibility for child care payments
You or your partner must have paid your child care costs.

You or your partner must meet residency requirements (or have an exemption).

Children under the age of 7 must meet the Australian Government's immunisation requirements or have an exemption.

You must pass the work, training, study test, or have an exemption. For registered child care, you only have to participate in work related commitments at some time during a week or have an exemption. No minimum number of hours is required


If you meet these requirements, you may be eligible for the registered care rate of a maximum of 50 hours of Child Care Benefit per child, per week. Your income does not affect the amount of Child Care Benefit you receive for registered care.

Take a look and see how much you can save on Child Care on in-home child care.

How does a carer become a REGISTERED CARE PROVIDER for Child Care Benefit purposes? 

It’s very easy to become a registered child care provider. The documentation required is what any agency or person looking to employ someone to care for their children would require.

You will need to: 

1. Apply to the Department of Human Services and fill out the required form
2. Meet the minimum age requirement of 18 or
have a qualification of one of the following kinds:
• nanny
• child care, or
• home-based help, issued by a provider registered in a state or territory as being accredited to issue the qualification
3. Have a tax file number
4. Meet and maintain any relevant state or territory licensing requirements and restrictions as a registered child carer. E.G. Have a current working with Children Check (or equivalent in your State) and a Police Check

NOTE: You will need to supply receipts. You can either use your own or the Government will supply them for you. 

The benefits of in-home care are wonderful.
One of the best advantages of in–home care is consistency of care
Day Care Centres can have a high turn over of staff which can be unsettling for young children

There is less fuss in the mornings 
Instead of rushing to get your child fed, dressed and ready for Day Care all you have to do is get yourself ready and Nanny can take care of the rest. Bliss!

Nannies can be more flexible with hours than a Day Care if you have to work late or even be away overnight for work travel

Your child can receive personalized attention
Nanny can arrange a customized learning routine to suit the speed and level of your child’s learning.

Toilet-training for example can be easier as the child feels more comfortable at home

You can make sure your child is getting a balance diet as Nanny is responsible for your child’s meals and snacks 
If your child has any allergies, or food preferences this can be accommodated

Your child can rest and eat on a schedule that suits them

Fewer germs
It can be very inconvenient having to find alternative care for your sick child if they attend Day Care, so some parents will send their child to Day Care even if they are sick. In - home care can vastly reduce your child’s exposure germs. This means fewer winter colds, a happier child and fewer days off due to a sick child.

Nanny can send you photos of your child and give you a written or verbal report of your child’s activities and progress

Nannies keep your child’s bedroom and play area clean and tidy which cuts down on your cleaning

Nanny will also keep your child’s clothes and bedding washed and clean which is another great help

Nanny can take your child out to the zoo, the park, or anywhere you deem appropriate, so they have enough stimulation and social interaction

With the Child Care Rebate, you may find that having your own Nanny is within your financial reach. Take a look at the wonderful Nannies registered on our site and find a Nanny that suits you.





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