Do you want a Nanny or a Babysitter?

Have you wondered, "what is the difference between a Nanny and a babysitter" or, "what is a Nanny expected to do"? How about "how much do I pay a babysitter" or "how much to pay a Live-In Nanny?" We'll answer these questions and more right here.


What's the difference between a Babysitter and a Nanny?

A babysitter usually supervises children for short periods of time. For example, after school until the parent(s) return home, or of an evening. Often the children are in bed for a considerable amount of the time spent babysitting.

The responsibilities of babysitting may include...

  • Changing nappies
  • Monitoring the sleeping children
  • Preparing snacks 
  • Playing games with the children




A professional Nanny is usually a trained and experienced child Caregiver. A Nanny is employed by a family on a regular part-time or full-time basis. They take responsibility for the daily needs of the child or children in her (or his, in the case of a Manny) care.

The responsibilities of a Nanny or Manny may include ...

  • Newborn care (feeding, nanny changes, naptimes)
  • Preparing bottles, cleaning up
  • Cooking for children
  • Bathing and dressing children
  • Helping children with general hygiene
  • Driving children to school and activities
  • Organizing children's play dates
  • Assisting with language acquisition and development
  • Providing developmentally appropriate educational games
  • Teaching letters, numbers, and colours
  • Teaching manners and other socially appropriate behaviour
  • Doing arts and crafts
  • Reading books
  • Going to the library
  • Assisting with homework
  • Taking children to parks and playgrounds
  • Organizing sports and other motor-skills activities
  • Taking children on outings to museums, the zoo and places of interest
  • Doing children's laundry
  • Making children's beds
  • Tidying up children's rooms and bathrooms
  • Organizing and cleaning children's play area
  • Cleaning up in the kitchen after cooking for the children

Nanny and Babysitter pay rates

On this site everyone who provides a service, sets their own rates. However, these links will give you a guide in what to expect to pay.

The main function of the Nanny and the Babysitter are to care for your children.

Their duties DO NOT usually include for example...

  • Heavy lifting
  • Taking care of other people's children
  • Cooking for the entire family
  • Cleaning windows or the entire house
  • Washing the clothes of the entire family

We suggest it is best to be very clear about what services you require and that both parties understand what is expected in return for the fee charged. 

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