Stop, read this before you commit to a Nursing Home


Before you commit to a Nursing Home, realise that a Nursing Home is not the only answer. When the doctor says, “Mum needs to go to a Nursing Home”, this may not be true. What he may really mean is, “Mum needs caring for as she can no longer care for herself”. Because the doctor may not be aware to all the benefits of in-home care services, he may not mention, that In-home care is a wonderful alternative to a Nursing Home.  


Your loved one will get the care they need when they go to a Nursing Home.


Due to staffing levels in Nursing Homes, this is usually not possible.

Federal secretary for the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation (ANMF) Lee Thomas “Our members keep warning that inadequate levels of registered and enrolled nurses and appropriately trained care workers means that the basic care they can provide, including feeding and bathing, is being significantly compromised (in Nursing Homes)”. SOURCE

You may think that because they have a Registered Nurse on hand that your loved one will get the care they need. You need to realise, in many cases, that one Registered Nurse is responsible for the entire Nursing Home (there may be 70 or more beds) at night and sometimes through the day as well. “The dependency level of residents with high care needs (in Nursing Homes) increased to 89% while Nursing levels declined.” SOURCE

“In 2003, trained nurses made up 36 per cent of staff in nursing homes, but by 2016 that had fallen to just 24 per cent.” Victorian minister Martin Foley said that, "the aged care system, both in terms of residential aged care and retirement villages, is broken “ Source: The Age

It’s no surprise that “46% of people in permanent residential aged care on 30 June 2016 had depression—it was the most commonly diagnosed mental health condition.” Govt SOURCE

Australians are opting for the Nursing Home later and later in life. That’s not surprising when over 90% would rather stay at home. Think about it, given the choice of a Nursing Home or your own home, what would you choose? There are routines to adhere to, constant changes in staff, meals you don’t like at times that don’t suit you and not even enough staff to help you go to the toilet when you need it. The care at Nursing Homes cannot be as personalised as that provided in your own home.

In-home care services can allow your loved one to get the care they need in the home they love. From companionship, to full Nursing care and everything in between, there’s someone to care for your loved one they way they deserve. Why put your loved one through the upheaval of leaving a known and loved environment, away from their friends and sometimes their spouse? The answer is most often…cost!

At In Home Care Services Direct you can find quality, affordable Care. Your loved one can stay at home and in control of their own life. They can “Live their best Life” and so can you, knowing they have what they want and need.

Because of our unique on-line platform we are able to have lower overheads than other companies. This results in those providing the Care being paid more (thus attracting quality workers) while they are still able to offer you significantly cheaper rates. The same quality care for less. Sound good?

Take a look at our Care cost comparison video and see the real numbers and the real savings.

See how joining In Home Care Services Direct can make staying at home and avoiding the Nursing Home can be a reality for your loved one.


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