You're never too old to play the horses on Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup is a great excuse to play with horses. You don’t have to gamble, just be ready to have lots of fun. Both young and old can enjoy racing games by creating these super easy to make racing horses. They’re great party ideas for kids or elderly adults who want to celebrate Melbourne Cup. No matter what your age or interests, these home-made party horses are great fun.

Pool noodles can be used to create all types of fun creations. There horses can be used as hobby horses for the kids, used to run races or just taken into the pool to bounce around on. Even if you have mobility challenges or are in a wheel chair you can still enjoy horse races. Let’s look at how to make one and then we can chat about how to use them.

You will need...

    Pool Noodle
    Strong craft glue
    A large elastic band or tape
    Black marker pen
    2 oval eyes
    Felt cut out in triangles for 2 ears
    Felt for the mane


Step 1
Bend over one end of the pool noodle and secure with either tape or a large rubber band.

Step 2
Draw on the nostrils with black marker pen

Step 3
Glue on some oval shaped eyes

Step 4
Glue on the ears and the mane


Horse racing for all the family 1A Horse racing for all the family 3












Now let’s look at what type of games you can play with your new friends.

The normal one, two three go

Everyone forms a line and the starter calls one, two, three and everyone sets off to the finish line. This is great fun if everyone is able to move without restrictions.

Roll the dice racing

This version can include those with less movement or even in a wheel chair. Those in the line are allocated a number. When you roll the dice for jockey number one, he/she moves forward the number of times to match the dice. Throw a three, move forward the equivalent of three steps. To make it easier, mark out a race track in squares. Take turns moving forward according to the number thrown. Make the track as long as you like.

racing track for indoor melbourne cup


All that remains is to decide on the prizes. Will you have several races on the day and have one big race for the Melbourne Cup? It's all up to you.

Prize suggestions

    A plastic trophy fom the Dollar Store
    A sash saying "winner"
    A cap saying 'winner' or '1st' or 'champion
    A toy horse
    A button that says 'winner'

No matter what you do, or where you do it, make fun the priority of the day.

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