How to set up your own In-Home Care Support Network and avoid the Nursing Home

Due to the affordability of Care at In Home Care Services Direct, it’s easy to set up a collection of professionals that make sure you are getting the help you need. Let’s look at how to create your own personal Aged Care support system that will help you avoid the Nursing Home.


Aged Care like a lot of other experiences in life, is easier to handle if you have a plan. This is where the services of a Nurse are a vital part of your Care.

Step 1
Personal and home assessment
A thorough consultation with you, family if appropriate, plus an inspection of the home for safety issues, can be undertaken by a Nurse. ^Identifying goals will help guide your choice of Care and services to best support your needs. A goal could be something like maintaining a healthy lifestyle or achieving independence in mobility.

After the assessment, the Nurse will create your personalised Care Plan. This will include what type of Care you would like to receive and when you'd like to receive it. It will also include suggested times for a review of the plan to accommodate your changing needs.

Step 2.
Implementing the Care Plan
If your needs aren’t of an extremely High Care nature, a Caregiver can implement most of the Care needed. Obviously, that does not include activities that require a Nurse or Doctor.
But duties such as
assistance with toileting
meal preparation
light housework
assisting with mobility
transport to appointments and social occasions
can all be done by a Caregiver.

The Nurse is often only required to re-assess the Care Plan on a regular basis or if there is a sudden downward shift in your loved one’s wellbeing. The Caregiver can keep the family informed of the progress of your loved one in the achievement of their goals and alert them to significant changes that may require an earlier assessment.

It’s always a good idea to work with at least 2 or even 3 support workers at once as through the year someone will get sick, need a vacation and or need time off for various personal reasons. When you have several people to help you, when one is off, very often the other(s) can fill the gaps.

Using your CDC Funding to pay for your Care


When you are allocated your Consumer Directed Care Package by the Government, you will need to choose an Approved Provider to help you manage those funds. They will organize a professional to come out and create a Care Plan. Very often they will also want to provide you with their own Caregivers, but this is always an expensive way of purchasing Care.

When you choose to increase your control over your funds and choose your own support workers, you can often double the amount of Care you can afford.

The Approved Provider is obligated by Law to allow you to take this option.

Your Approved Provide must allow you to:
Search for a support worker (Caregiver)
Choose one who you believe is most suitable
Contact them directly
Communicate your needs and how you want to be supported
Discuss and agree on a rate
If you are satisfied with your choice of Caregiver, hire them through your Approved Provider account
Schedule your weekly services

Taking time to consider your Care options is very worthwhile. If you’re not happy with an arrangement, don’t be a shrinking violet, step up and ask for the Care you need from the Caregiver of your choice. It’s your life so live the way that suits you.

^If a consumer has a particular service, care worker or service provider they would like to use, they are able to request that The Approved Provider include them in their Care Plan. The Care Plan cannot be changed without the consumer’s agreement.

When you hire and schedule your support worker directly through the In Home Care Services Direct, your Approved Provider should charge a lower administration fee which means you can get more value from your Self-Managed Home Care Package. You will be able to use a larger proportion of your funds to purchase Care and have more control over who you hire.




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