Vital elements to consider when choosing Elderly Care

One of the vital elements to consider when choosing Elderly Care for a loved one, is their self-perception. Age is about perspective and our self-perception is rarely shared by the rest of the world. When you understand someones self-perception, it is much easier to communicate effectivey with them.

When you’re young you feel older than you are. When your older you feel younger than you are. Remember this when you are caring or seeking Care for an elderly person. You don’t see them as they see themselves.

No matter if we're young or old we often feel we can do more than we can. All through life we see ourselves a certain way and it can be very frustrating when others don't have the same view.

When it’s clear to you that your loved one needs help to stay at home, have ‘the conversation’ as early as possible.

Try everything to get them to accept some type of Care. Even when you have it, initiate assistance in small increments. Introduce a Caregiver into your loved one’s life to help with simple tasks first. Depending on the ability of your loved one, perhaps having them driven to the shops is a good start. The Caregiver can carry the bags and do the driving. Perhaps coming around for a cup of tea is a good introduction. After a visit or two the Caregiver can offer to make the tea instead of your loved one. Experienced Caregivers know when to introduce assistance and when to step back, keep the client safe, but allow as much independence as possible. Introducing Care at a slower pace is always a good ideal especially if the loved one is reluctant to accept help.











Having to introduce Care after a traumatic event can be overwhelming for some Elders.

The event itself may trigger fears that they will be seen as incompetent, or they themselves may be astonished to discover they may not be able to cope. Introducing a Caregiver at this time may be a necessity but may exacerbate the emotional strain they are already feeling.

Try and discuss the matter of assistance before your loved one needs help. We have a free e-book that has some helpful tips on managing the topic of In-Home Care. No one wants to have to go to a Nursing Home so try and discuss options to avoid this step.

Empathy is your best tool when trying to support your loved one no matter what age they are.

We all have different perspectives on life and sometimes it can surprise you how others see themselves and the world. You need to understand their perspective before you can truly be of help. We have wonderfully empathetic Caregivers registered here on In Home Care Services Direct. Take a look and find the right one to help your loved one.




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